A Binding Agreement World`s Biggest Crossword

We have produced a GIGANTIC puzzle with over 7,000 unique clues. The puzzle is handmade with over 350 carefully selected and edited crossword puzzles and many secrets and challenges to discover. Can you defeat all quests and collect all trophies? Solve thousands of clues in the biggest and best crossword puzzle of all time! To fully master the game, you need to master all these challenges: 1.part a curve: ARC 2. Age noise: CREAK 3. Bread machine: BAKER 4a. Piece of lawn: SOD 4b. war: SAW 5. Layout, Exhibition: ARRAY 6. Pig`s nose: SNOUT 7.

Track, follow: DOG 1. Cardboard: BOX 2. Rogue, Rotter: CAD 3a. Biblical boat with animals: ARK 3b. Most common conjunction: AND 4. Actor`s rest area: GREENROOM 5a. Drive it: AUTO 5b. sitting in front of the stove: RUG 6. self-planted: SAT 7. Remuneration: PAY 1. very small size: DEAD 2. Attached, attached: TAPED 3.

a layman: LAIE 4. smooth, polished: SLICK 5. End of day: EVE 1. grow (the moon): WAX 2. Toad larva: TADpoles 3a. Cover, cover: TOP 3b. Sticky plant: IVY 4. Seat: TERRACE 5. Animals in captivity: ZOO 1.

Top of the dunces: BIB 2. had feelings for: CAREED 3. insomnia, revealed: BARED 4a. Successful snooker shot: POT 4b. Corruption, concession: SOP 5. Envelope, Envelope: RIDEAU 6. sth special, nice: GOODY 7. not the beginning: END….

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