How to Fill Dhl Shipment Form

Choose a suitable box, preferably new, that matches the contents of your shipment with about .6cm space. If you do not find a suitable box, you can place your shipment yourself in one of our points of sale, where you can choose between 8 different boxes. With international shipping, your document or parcel travels within the DHL Express network and passes through several facilities, people, vehicles and aircraft. A well-packaged shipment can reduce the risk of damage and ensure that your recipient receives the contents in perfect condition. Invoices are only required for parcel shipments – they do not apply to shipping documents. The invoice is used for customs clearance and must contain precise information that corresponds to the content of the shipment and what is indicated on the waybill. Make sure there are no other older labels or duplicate labels on the packaging, as this could confuse our scanners and interfere with the routing of the shipment. Commercial invoice – for taxable shipments A commercial invoice is the first international document you create as an exporter. The commercial invoice serves as an invoice for the goods from the importer to the exporter and is proof of the transaction. Apply a plastic bag to accommodate all other documents required for shipping, for example: your shipping invoice. For more valuable shipments, you may want to take the extra initiative to pack your shipment and use 2 types of internal packaging materials for extra protection.

The barcode is scanned all over the network to give you accurate tracking updates! Make sure this part of the waybill is not disfigured or blocked before handing over your shipment. Start by determining the weight and shape of your shipment to help you choose the right outer packaging. Heavier shipments require a more durable box or even a double layer of packaging. If you are shipping multiple express packages under a waybill, paste the original waybill and shipping documents on one package, and then paste copies of the waybill on the other packages. Label each box with the total number of boxes in the out .B, such as „1 of 3,“ „2 of 3,“ or „3 of 3.“ Attention: Special requirements apply to shipments to Great Britain. For more information, please visit our Brexit information page. The invoice must always comply with the legal requirements, otherwise there is no right to deduct input tax or shipments may be delayed or not imported. You can easily create a correct invoice when preparing your shipment in My DHL Package.

For more information, see the manual. DHL Express waybill – mandatory for all shipments Your waybill contains all the information DHL needs to know in order for your shipment to continue flowing. All DHL online shipping solutions make it easy to prepare your international shipment. If you create your waybill online, you will have an overview of missing or incomplete information and will be informed of the corresponding DHL services. While DHL Express does its best to handle your shipments with care, it is important to remember that the responsibility for packaging rests with the sender. In addition, the importer uses the commercial invoice to classify the goods to clear the shipment and ensure that all duties and taxes have been properly assessed. The last step before entrusting your shipment to DHL Express is to schedule the pickup of your shipment. For odd-sized shipments, you should choose a box that comfortably fits your shipment while leaving enough space for internal packaging materials to avoid excessive space. Place the contents to be sent on the protective bed in the box and fill the hollow parts with more protective materials until there is no more empty space left.

Everything you need to know about shipping your first shipment with DHL Express! Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to get started. If you need to submit an IED for your shipment in order to obtain an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) from the U.S. government, you may submit this information directly through or request DHL to submit an IED on your behalf (service fees apply). To make shipping even easier, we handle all processing on your behalf when ITN is requested, received and included on your electronic waybill. DHL online shipping solutions that support this service offer you the option to submit your IED while you create your waybill. Similarly, for more fragile shipments, it is recommended to take extra precautions to protect the weak points of your item. Correctly providing the details of your waybill can play an important role in facilitating a smooth journey for your shipment. Below we discuss the different areas of AWB and how you can create one in minutes! Electronic Export Information – Submitted for High-Value Shipments Electronic Export Information (IED) is an online submission of shipment information to the U.S.

Department of Commerce`s Census Bureau to control exports and compile trade statistics. Shipments that require you to submit EEI generate a U.S. Government INTERNAL Transaction Number (ITN). Each shipment has different packaging requirements, this guide should not be perceived as a final solution for all customers. It is important to understand that the preparation of your air waybill and shipping invoice is your responsibility. The details of these documents will be considered your statement. DHL Express will help you in word and deed – but we can`t create them on your behalf. .

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