Queensu Collective Agreement

the use or other agreement relating to the provision of services (the „Agreement“) between Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and its affiliates („Zoom“) and the Customer referred to in this Agreement to reflect the parties` agreement regarding the processing of personal data (as defined in these Terms below). All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. Applicants must demonstrate that they can develop an innovative, high-quality research program that uses computational approaches such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning for the study of cognitive neuroscience. Candidates will be considered who can combine complex analytical approaches with existing forces in decision-making, memory, executive control, attention control, scene perception, spontaneous thinking and motor control, and complement the rich community of fMRI researchers within the Department of Psychology, the Centre for Neuroscience (neuroscience.queensu.ca) and the Queen`s Centre for Biological Communication. (queensu.ca/psychology/queens-biological[1]communication centre). Outstanding candidates in related research areas of cognitive neuroscience are also considered. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have a strong vision of cognitive neuroscience and that they can teach it effectively. Queen`s University and the Department of Psychology aim to hire professors who demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) (www.queensu.ca/psychology/resources/edi-committee) (www.queensu.ca/universityrelations/equity). Applicants must include a statement of contribution on equity, diversity and inclusion with their application. This should describe applicants` past and present participation in EDI change efforts and/or their association with equitable groups, as well as their plans to promote EDI in their careers as researchers, educators, and/or community members. It should also indicate how applicants perceive these and other obligations at Queen`s University or how new approaches to EDI can be initiated.

The declaration may relate to teaching, research and/or service. From time to time, certain parts of the collective agreement are amended by mutual agreement of the parties set out in the memoranda of understanding. The memoranda of understanding signed after the printing of the collective agreement are presented in the form of links below. Where necessary, the online version of the collective agreement has been updated to reflect these memoranda of understanding. According to Article 4.3 of the collective agreement, the version published online is the „official copy of the collective agreement“. Salary depends on qualifications and experience. Queen`s University academic staff are subject to a collective agreement between the University and the Queen`s University Faculty Association (QUFA), which is located at queensu.ca/facultyrelations/faculty-librarians-and-archivists/collective-agreement and www.qufa.ca. This agreement must be used by all departments that manage the tenths of a fee to meet the requirements of research funders. One-tenth is defined as a fee charged for the use of shared services, equipment or supplies.

Departments may charge tithe fees to cover the cost of these shared resources. Departments are required to enter into an updated agreement annually for the research period (April 1 to March 31) and obtain the necessary approvals. Tithing fees must be audited annually by departments along with fees that are posted in the general ledger before the end of March (deadlines for journal registration in March can be found on the Financial Services website). Email: fro@queensu.ca 9 pcs. Lawrence Avenue Website: www.queensu.ca/facultyrelations/ Email: qufa@queensu.ca Telephone: (613) 533-3133 Website: www.qufa.ca Queen`s University and the United Steelworkers Local 2010 (the „Parties“) acknowledge that Queen`s University of the City of Kingston is located in an area traditionally shared between the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee. The Parties recognize the Aboriginal members of USW Local 2010 and their communities who still live, travel and work with us today, and will work together to ensure that Aboriginal members of USW Local 2010 are recognized and respected under our agreements. Regulation of employer-employee relations through collective bargaining and joint consultations. The local CSGP Postdoctoral 901 Negotiation Team and Queen`s University met on September 13.

February 2017 a provisional agreement on the new contract concluded! Queen`s University offers several interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary opportunities and communities for EDI in the fields of science, teaching, service and action. These include undergraduate programs in Indigenous Studies (www.queensu.ca/llcu/academics/academic-plans/indigenous-studies), Black Studies (www.queensu.ca/gnds/about-us/news/introduction-ba-minorgeneral Black Studies), Cultural Studies (www.queensu.ca/culturalstudies/home) and Gender Studies (www.queensu.ca/gnds/home), as well as participatory action organizations, including the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, the Queen`s Black Academic Society, Women in Science at Queen`s, among others. Applicants are invited to connect their contributions to these established and emerging opportunities and/or other communities at Queen`s University, Kingston or elsewhere. TAs and FTs are now paid for the unpaid health and safety training provided by the Queen`s University employer through our collective bargaining. Unit 2 of PSAC 901 is composed of postdoctoral researchers from Queen`s University. A new collective agreement was ratified in March 2017. PSAC Local 901 is the association of graduate teaching assistants, teaching fellows, research assistants and postdoctoral fellows at Queen`s University in Kingston, Ontario. We are a directly accredited local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Our non-profit organization strives to protect, preserve and promote the interests of local members. We are committed to promoting equality and social justice within the local, PSAC, Queen`s University and the Kingston community at large. Our Unit 1 consists of teaching assistants, research assistants and teaching fellows, and our Unit 2 is composed of postdoctoral researchers from Queen`s University. Click here to view the budget for the current year and last year. CONSIDERING that QUEEN`S owns all right, title and interest in and to certain valuable trademarks, including but not limited to those detailed in Annex B to this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as „Trademarks“; and mathematics and statistics: Annika Fuernsinn [[email protected]] Classic: Raphaelle Walsh-Beauchamp [[email protected]] Stewards are union representatives who act as a link between all members and the board of directors. . . .

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