Rouen Agreement

Thirteen-year veteran Tom Rouen, who was fired by the Seattle Seahawks last week, signed a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday and will fight for the position at summer training camp with starter Andy Lee. James was serious about defending his empire and spent money on his navy, fortifications, and rearmament. He negotiated with the pope promising to keep Scotland Catholic because his uncle Henry VIII was working to make Scotland Protestant. In order not to break with the Church, he accepted a pension from the pope and filled the Scottish treasury. He also gave some of his illegitimate children abbeys and priories in Scotland so that he could appropriate their income. He received papal approval to heavily tax the church and promised to use the money to fund a college for justice, which he did in Edinburgh in 1532. But most of the money was spent on building and renovating royal palaces. James` reign was to be dominated in foreign policy by changing the alliances between Scotland and France, England, the Holy Roman Empire and the papacy. At home, his kingdom was broken. He began working to create peace and stability. He negotiated a treaty with England in 1528, which lasted five years, then turned to Scotland.

He began criminal raids on the border area between Scotland and England in 1529 and 1530, which were very effective. He created peace, but the Lairds began to resent James and no longer trusted him. He then turned to the Western Islands and the Highlands and attempted to place them under the control of the Crown. In 1531 he negotiated a peace agreement between the belligerent chiefs of the western islands, but again created enmity with the nobles. In James` attempts to apply the rule of law, he could be repressive. His behavior alternated between strong bursts of energy and a black depression. The nobles were always willing to accept bribes from James` uncle, King Henry VIII of England. Jacob sent King Francis the message that his daughter had died and that he was looking for a second wife. King François chose the widow of the Duke of Longueville, Marie de Guise. In June 1538 James and Mary were married in St. Andrews.

Mary did not become pregnant until September 1539. One son, James, was born in May 1540. In March 1541, Mary was pregnant again and James showed signs of paranoia and depression. A second son, Robert, was born on April 12. On April 21, baby James died and a few days later, Robert passed away. James and Mary were devastated. Albany`s reign was relatively peaceful and lasted until 1524. Albany never coveted the throne for himself and showed great skill in dealing with all warring parties in Scotland. He administered justice and defended the law, but continued to empty the Scottish treasury and almost bankrupted the country. He had to travel back and forth between Scotland and France during his reign. Margaret was to return from England to Scotland in 1517, when Albany wanted to leave the country and she had to get along well with Albany.

James stayed at Edinburgh Castle in early June 1528. He knew the castle would be lightly guarded and let it be known that he wanted to go hunting early in the morning. He managed to escape from Edinburgh and went to his mother`s house at Stirling Castle. One of the first things he did was to treat Angus and his family severely for his mistreatment during the reign. Parliament imposed the death penalty on Angus three months later, and Angus fled to France. James should begin his personal reign as a dynamic king with clear views of himself and no longer rely on his mother or anyone else to receive instructions. Margaret managed to keep the regency for her son until she made a catastrophic mistake in the eyes of the council. Margaret had made peace with England after Flodden, but she insisted on eternal peace. She needed another husband to help her. In March 1514 she met Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, and married him in August.

The Regency Council declared that she had violated the terms of James IV`s will by marrying and losing her position as regent. They tabled them. They sent the message to the Duke of Albany in France that it was needed in Scotland, and he came in May 1515. Albany insisted that the young king be governed by a council of eight men. Margaret resisted, but eventually gave in and went to England. The former Outstanding University of Colorado player began his career with the Denver Broncos in 1993 and spent nine seasons with the team. .

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