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The URL to access the contracts is: {your_instance_name}/api/contracts But just to give you an example. I looked at the name of this meeting. I thought, wait a minute, what is the name of the Meetup? And that`s the DC Web API Meetup, right? And that`s what he says about meetup.com. And I found it really interesting that the word web is in it. It`s actually not the MEETUP DC API, it`s the MEETUP WEB API. And there was something that happened, that is important in the arc of API history, where the web was involved, that introduced even better decoupling, and it was important to know how we got to where we are today. And I want to talk a little bit about that. If you`re using a tool like Swagger to specify your API contacts, or if you intend to use it, be sure to continue. Keep in mind that you probably need to go above and beyond what it offers if you want to provide a good experience for your customers. And this even includes de jure standards such as the official standards that exist.

For example, the XML standard is a global standard that is well understood by everyone. And your API, the consumer and the API provider, if they agree to a technical contract, also agree, hey, the data we share between us is transmitted in XML format, which is a standard. David Berlind: So, as Gray said, one of the things we have here is that I`m going to give a series of lectures in progress that are more like some sort of university course on APIs. I think 101 may be – probably a bit unsuitable – because it covers some pretty interesting nuances of APIs. But the way it`s going to be is that I`m going to give a talk here. And I planned the whole series and developed most of the content. But I`m only going to give a part of it here, and then I`m going to follow up on it, and the continuation of it continues at each of the following meetings. So you see the first part, and then in January you`ll see what`s next, and so on.

So, first of all, I just want to talk about this, this is one, Gartner actually took this phraseology from my presentation, which is that if you think about the cloud that`s between the smartphone, and what`s our icon for the server here, isn`t it, in this role, we`re all used to using it, No? They all have one. And it has a user interface, and it`s meant for a human being, right? You all know how to use it, you know how to touch it, you know how to scroll through it, you know how to use the apps that are here. And it`s pretty intuitive, or in some cases not, but you can understand it. And it`s a user interface. It is designed for human consumption. And in this role, when you`re actually using your smartphone, at some point, it communicates with another server that`s on the other side of the cloud on the Internet. The only difference between what you do with your smartphone and what an API is, and by the way, they are API, is involved when you do these things is that the machine is also a user. But the user interface needed to communicate with the server on the other side simply needs to be designed for a machine to consume it instead of a human consuming it. Next, I would say that an API contract goes to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) section and helps provide some guarantees of the reliability and stability of the API. Go beyond each API and also talk to larger companies. An API contract represents an obligation to provide a reliable and stable service, secure and observable, and that the provider has in mind the best interests of consumers.

A contract must reflect a balance between the interests of the supplier and consumers and include a machine-readable and human-readable agreement that reflects a common understanding of what an API offers – at an agreed price. Each API contract reflects the technical and business details of our operations in this digital world. This section introduces the Contract API data model. This API provides information about products associated with a specific contract (contractId) or report group (reportingGroupId). Content Provider (CP) code. A content provider is an Akamai customer who streams traffic over akamai`s network. A CP code is a unique identifier assigned to each customer and is primarily used for billing, reporting, and access control. A customer and a single contract can each have multiple CP codes.

Get the IDs and product names associated with a contract for the selected period. I`m good at regularly questioning what I mean when I use certain phrases. I found myself repeating and reusing many hollow, empty, and meaningless phrases during my decade as an IPA evangelist. One of these expressions is „an API contract“. I use it a lot. I hear it a lot. What exactly do we mean by that? What is an API contract and how does it distinguish or resemble our beliefs and understanding of other types of contracts? Is this the truth or is it just a way to convince people that what we are doing is just as legitimate as what happened before? Perhaps it is even more legitimate, as in a kind of blockchain? It`s an irreversible, unbreakable digital contract, think Bro! As part of the ongoing series of on-demand replays of ProgrammableWeb presentations taking place at the monthly API meeting in Washington, D.C. (anyone can attend), this article provides a replay and full transcript of the API 101 presentation I gave on December 5, 2019. .

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