Ca Realtors Lease Agreement

Monthly Lease (Section 1946) – Lease with no end date. Either party may terminate with 30 days` notice if the lease is less than 1 year and 60 days if the lease is longer than one year. If a landlord becomes aware of former explosive ordnance locations in the vicinity of the rental unit, they must notify the new tenants in writing before signing the lease. California`s Standard Residential Lease is a document that allows property managers and landlords to set the terms for renting their residential property to a tenant. The agreement must clearly state the address of the property for rent, the names of each tenant, as well as those of any additional residents. Before signing the lease, tenants should consider the financial commitment they expect to ensure that their income can support the monthly rent, utilities, security deposit, and any additional costs allocated in the agreement. Ordnance Locations (§ 1940.7(b)) – The owner of a housing unit who has actual knowledge of former federal or state weapons sites in the neighborhood must inform a potential tenant in writing of that knowledge before entering into a lease. Form CA-019: Lease Guarantee (Updated Instructions): Revisions to the instructions contain information about the request to provide the guarantor with a translated copy of the lease if the potential tenant is legally required to provide a translation. Under applicable law, a translation of the agreement must be provided to the prospective tenant if the agreement is negotiated in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog or Korean. The California lease describes the agreement between a landlord and a tenant regarding the use of a property for a specified period of time. Certain provisions and disclosures are included in the document that provides legal protection to the landlord and tenant in the event that a party violates any of the written provisions. Both parties to the transaction must sign the contract for the document to take effect.

Each rental agreement must include the written notice set out in the laws below informing tenants that they have access to a sex offender registry in the area. Before accepting deposits or signing a lease, landlords must notify in writing if they have requested permission to demolish a rental unit. The rent is due on the day specified in the rental agreement (page 28, owner-tenant manual). If the landlord prohibits or restricts smoking on the rental property, the rental agreement must describe the areas where smoking is prohibited. Moving/Moving Inspection Checklist – To list damage before moving in before the rental begins and so that parties can see additional damage/repairs to the property. In most cases, damages (if any) will be reflected in the tenant`s deposit when it is returned by the landlord. Proximity to a military base (§ 1940.7) – Owners/owners of residential buildings located within 1 mile of a military base with heavy ammunition are required to disclose this fact before executing a lease. California leases allow a residential or commercial property owner to draft a legally binding contract with a tenant. The agreement describes the property, indicates the monthly rent and lists all the other conditions of the parties. After signing and paying the 1st month`s rent with any deposit, the tenant will receive access and can move in on the start date. Tenants must pay the rent on the date set out in the rental agreement if the term is one (1) year or less. If no lease expiry date is specified in the contract, the rent must be paid at the end of the month (§ 1947).

California Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement – The Association of Realtors has created an alternative version of the form that will be made available to tenants and landlords. Documents can be completed according to the specifications of the PDF manual and confirmed after consultation with the signatures of the landlord and tenant. Mold Disclosure (§ 26147-26148) – The landlord must disclose to the tenant the health risks of mold by attaching the document to the contract. This addendum must be signed and attached to the lease if the property meets certain requirements and is not subject to rent increase or California Civil Code laws. There is no grace period prescribed by the State, the rent is due at the time provided for in the lease (§ 1947). Subletting – A tenant who decides to rent rooms where they are currently involved in a lease with the landlord. As a general rule, the tenant must receive written confirmation before authorizing a subtenant. Forms CA-040, 041, 042, 043: Leases (updated): Members` inquiries and concerns led to the revision of these forms. Specifically, trampolines have been added to the prohibited list, the NSF fee section has been clarified, and options have been added to return the depot if the unit is rented to roommates. It is only in the monthly agreement that the termination provisions have been clarified to deal with the termination of the contract if the lease has not yet begun. All pamphlets now explain the interaction between the deposit provision in the agreement and the additional deposit provision in the pet supplement.

Demolition (§ 1940 Abs. 6) – If a landlord has applied for a permit to demolish their building, all potential tenants must be informed of future plans before entering into the lease. Lead-based paint (42 U.S. Code § 4852(d) – The EPA and HUD have issued a federal executive order requiring that all rental properties built before 1978 that contain lead paint be accompanied by a lease that discloses the potential risks of contact with the deleterious substance. Risk of flooding (§ 8589.45) – If the rental property is located in a location where there is a high risk of flooding, the landlord must disclose this knowledge as part of the rental agreement made available to the new tenant (as of July 1, 2018). Megan`s Law (§ 2079.10 (a)) – New tenants must be informed (in writing under the lease) that the California Department of Justice operates a website that shares the reports of registered sex offenders. Shared Utilities (§ 1940.9) – If the unit has a common electricity or gas meter, the agreement must specify how the utilities are to be divided between the parties. Smoking Policy (§ 1947.5) – Prior to the tenancy, the landlord must provide the lease with a full disclosure setting out the rules and regulations for smoking cigarettes (tobacco) on the property or that smoking on the premises is completely prohibited. (HcD offers a guide on how landlords can ban smoking in rented apartments.) Subletting – If the main lease allows it, this can be implemented if a „subtenant“ wants to lease a property to a „subtenant“. Residential Lease or Monthly Lease (Form LR) – This residential lease has been approved by the California Association of Realtors for brokers® and other industry experts. Late payment charges must be „reasonable“ (CIV § 1671). Los Angeles County found 5% of the monthly rent to be reasonable.

Satellite Dish Addendum – All tenants in the State of California have the right to install a satellite dish on the property if they wish, provided it complies with all local and state laws. Tenants must be notified if the unit has a shared gas or electricity meter, and the tenant must be informed of how the costs will be shared between the parties. Commercial lease – For the use of a business by a natural or legal person with an office, retail or industrial real estate owner. Landlords are required to inform tenants in writing with general information and education about bedbugs. If the tenant is late with the rent, the landlord can send him a 3-day notice in which the tenant must pay the full amount due (including penalties) or leave the property. If the tenant does neither, the landlord can initiate eviction proceedings. Export (30 days): Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive / Export (60 days): Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive If the landlord has reason to believe that mold is present in the rental unit and that mold exceeds California guidelines, written disclosure must be provided to all potential and current tenants. Addendum to tenant insurance – If the landlord requires the tenant to have liability insurance. CC&R Addendum – Recognition of the declaration of commitments, conditions and restrictions, and the rules and regulations of the association. Grill Guidelines – Sets the rules for the tenant when the use of a grill is allowed. Utilities (§ 1940.9) – A lessor must provide the tenant with information about the utilities that are shared between the common elements and their unit and how the costs are shared. .

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Business Coaching Agreement

Workshops and retreats are a great way for coaches to offer a lot of money to their clients and generate revenue. But these types of events bring with them unique problems that should be addressed in full agreement. Because workshops and retreats can involve and rely on suppliers, locations, and other parties beyond the coach and clients, these types of agreements must cover certain „assumptions“ that do not occur as part of 1:1 coaching or group coaching. The conclusion of a coaching contract will help you define the conditions of your coaching. It helps you say, „This is how I conduct my coaching calls, how I respond to messages, and how you can get in touch with me.“ Because contracts actually align with much of the core of your coaching business – creating clarity, boundaries, and expectations. Life and business coaches, in particular, teach their clients to do just that. Many clients are not familiar with coaching when they start the process. Understanding the type of coaching offered is a useful way to set clients` expectations about what coaching is and what it is not. The inclusion of this clause in your agreement allows the clarity of the service to be present from the beginning of the service. Quenza`s HIPAA and GDPR compliant software is Privacy by Design, which can calm the mind of any practitioner. Creating, sending and storing customer contracts securely has never been easier.

Because the process is so important, practitioners can spend more time on service and less time on business processes. All group contracts must be signed and dated before group coaching has taken place. In any group, it can be incredibly reassuring to know that all other participants are bound by the same standards. This creates a foundation of trust for the group. Wondering what it takes to create a coaching package that sells like hotcakes? I spill the beans here. A coaching contract includes the following parts: Many unpredictable situations can arise throughout the coaching process. Clients or coaches may cancel services. The inclusion of a clause for the cancellation policy and the procedures for it are important in the initial contract. You can also use a tool like LegalZoom or RocketLawyer. My own preference is for Lisa`s models because Lisa has so much experience in the coaching industry. Even if these situations are relatively rare, you still want to protect yourself from them.

This is what a coaching contract does. Set up your own legal agreement. The easiest way is to create one yourself using a tool like LegalZoom or buy one of Lisa`s ready-made deals. Remember that ensuring that your business is legally protected is critical to its success. Having contracts means you can relax and focus on the part of the job you love most – being a great coach! Let me tell you a short story about why you need terms designed specifically for a coaching company. Entire Agreement. This document reflects the entire agreement between the Coach and the Client and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This Agreement supersedes all prior written and oral statements. The contract can only be changed, modified or supplemented if it is signed in writing by the Coach and the Client. Most coaching companies receive at least a few refund requests for a hundred clients at a time. (That`s just the name of the simulation game – EVERY company receives refund requests.) The program description gives a clear overview of your coaching program.

What is included in the price? How many hours/calls? Secondly, if you already have a few coaching clients, you know that it happens from time to time: that`s it! Now you know why you need a coaching contract – and how to create one. Sometimes included in other agreements and sometimes autonomous, coaches should also have something to protect the intellectual property (IP) they are working on – such as worksheets, notebooks, documents, journals, etc. Coaches who coach other coaches (let`s say three times faster!!!) certainly don`t want their clients to take off with their intellectual property and compete with them. I am all for the greater and firmly convinced that there is more than enough business to walk around, but „borrowing“, „co-opting“ or otherwise using someone else`s original intellectual property without permission to compete with them is theft. Let`s say you run a group coaching program or course where your students interact in a private Facebook group or Slack thread. Are you responsible for your customers` behavior? For example, if a client speaks badly about a coach because they don`t want to pay, or if the coach keeps them on the contract they signed, it would probably be slander. An exam, on the other hand, is a review of coaching performance and its results. As an entrepreneur, you want to protect your business and make sure you get the money you`re owed, you`re not suddenly being chased by an unhappy customer, and your business is safe.

(Spoiler alert: A coaching contract does this and much more.) Imagine this: you`ve won the perfect customer. It looks like it`s a game made in a coach`s paradise. The last thing you want to do is to cushion the main event by introducing a legal contract into the mix. And if you`ve just started your business, take a look at Lisa`s Sole Proprietor Biz`s registration and tax package*. Most coaching contracts will say that the coach cannot be responsible for this. That`s because there`s not much a coach can do to monitor these situations. Confidentiality. This coaching relationship, as well as any information (physical or verbal) that the Client shares with the Coach as part of this relationship, is bound by the principles of confidentiality set out in the ICF Code of Ethics. The Coach undertakes not to disclose any information about the Client without the Client`s written consent. BE WARNED: The coach-client relationship is not a relationship protected by legal confidentiality (such as doctor-patient or lawyer-client).

Therefore, the coach may be required to transmit otherwise confidential information to the authorities. Simply put, it is the most valuable legal instrument for your business. Do you want to know the step-by-step process of starting a 6-figure coaching business? You`re welcome. Coach-client relationship – Tasks and responsibilities. A business relationship and/or life coaching is a partnership between two or more people or companies. This relationship is not a legal partnership, but rather a teacher-student or coach-athlete relationship. Each party must honor its commitments for the coaching relationship to be successful. Read on to see how Quenza can help you create coaching contracts.

Wondering how YOU can be a great coach and have powerful coaching sessions? Read this article. Group contracts are similar to individual client contracts in that they protect both the coach and the client. However, if you serve a group, it is important to disclose that not everything taught in a group is intended to be medical advice. Group coaching is different from individual coaching and this understanding must be communicated in the contract. Although coaching is a helping profession, contracts allow for help to have predetermined limits and expectations. Quenza`s platform creates ease and protection when creating coaching contracts. We can all find gratitude when we know there is help for the caregiving profession. Offer group coaching? Maybe as an executive coach for a company or as a leader of their own mastermind group coaching sessions? Your basic CSA will not be enough. A group coaching agreement addresses the unique circumstances of a group coaching framework – participants must commit to keeping confidential any information they know of other participants. And participants may not be the paying customer – it can be the company. That`s it, you`re just a few steps away from your own tailor-made coaching contract template.


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Breakdown of a Cartel Agreement Chegg

Eric and Ginny each defrauded their antitrust deal and increased production by 45 gallons more than the cartel`s amount. However, both recognize that if they continue to increase production beyond this amount, they will each suffer a decline in profits. (To see for yourself, consider Eric`s profit if he produces 90 gallons more than the cartel amount, compared to his profit if he produces 45 gallons more than the cartel amount.) True or false: Based on the fact that Eric and Ginny both increased production from the initial amount of the cartel, you know that the production effect was less than the price effect at that amount. Suppose Eric and Ginny form a cartel and behave like a monopolist. The profit-maximizing price is_____per gallon and overall performance is_____gallons. As part of their antitrust agreement, Eric and Ginny agree to share production equally. Therefore, Eric`s victory and Ginny`s victory is_____ is_______. Since Eric deviated from the cartel deal and increased her water production to 45 gallons more than the cartel amount, Ginny decides that she will also increase her production to 45 gallons more than the cartel amount. Suppose Eric and Ginny successfully acted as a cartel.

They each calculate the monopoly price and sell half the monopoly quantity. Then, one night before bed, Eric thought, „Ginny and I aren`t best friends anyway. If I increase my production to 45 gallons more than the amount of the cartel, I can increase my profit even if their profit decreases. I will do it from tomorrow. This behavior is an example of (linkING OR A DOMINANT STRATEGY OR A TIT-FOR-TAT STRATEGY OR A PRISONER`S DILEMMA) After Eric implements his new plan, the price of water to______per _____ gallon. Given Ginny and Eric`s level of production, becomes____ Eric`s victory and Ginny`s victory becomes_______. Imagine a city where only two residents, Eric and Ginny, have wells that produce drinking water. Eric and Ginny can pump and sell as much water as they want, for free. For them, the total turnover corresponds to the profit. The following table shows the city`s water demand plan.

Note that Raphael and Susan initially acted cooperatively. However, when Raphael decided to cheat, Susan decided to cheat too. In other words, Susan`s exit decisions are based on Raphael`s actions. Neither Eric nor Ginny have any incentive to further increase production or reduce production. This result is an example of______. After Raphael implements his new plan, the price of water rises (decreases OR increases)………….. per gallon. Given Susan and Raphael`s level of production, Raphael`s profit becomes…………….$ and Susan`s profit becomes…………..$. After Susan increases her production, Raphael`s profit becomes……………$Susans profit becomes………….$et total profit (the sum of Raphael and Susan`s profits) is now…………$Nachdem Ginny has increased her production, becomes_____ Eric`s profit, Ginny`s profit becomes______, and total profit (the sum of Eric and Ginny`s earnings) is now._____. . .


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Bma Model Partnership Agreement

There are certain events in the life of a partnership that should trigger a review of the agreement. This includes new and outgoing partners, as well as litigation and changes to the law. Alternatively, if there is no agreement, you should seriously consider discussing the conditions under which you will work together to reach a formal agreement to document your employment relationship. A partnership agreement sets out the obligations, responsibilities and limitations of partners in a firm. The partnership agreement should be drafted by the firm`s lawyer in consultation with the partners to ensure that the agreement exactly meets the wishes of the partners. The Partnership Agreement should be reviewed regularly, in particular in the event of a change in the Partnership. For the preparation of the first draft of your partnership agreements, we offer you a fixed price service so that you can be sure that you will receive the best possible support without fear of cost spirals. Remember that BMA members benefit from discounted prices for our services. We strongly recommend that you document the working relationship between all partners. In this way, you significantly reduce the risk of potential partnership disputes. If the premises are owned as assets of the partnership or by the partners, determine whether the new partner is expected to buy. If this is the case, each new partner should have the opportunity to review the last three years of the company`s accounts. This ensures that the new partner knows the financial situation of the partnership and what the likely returns would be.

Your partnership agreement is undoubtedly the most important document that should be provided to each new partner, as they will have to sign up for it. However, the law is outdated and does not cover all the aspects you might need in a GP partnership. If you do not have a partnership agreement, you may be protected by the Partnership Act 1890. Partnerships remain the most important business model in healthcare and we offer a cost-effective and streamlined design service to document your collaboration with your partners and reduce risk. Our service is refined to capture the subtleties and specific requirements of your partnership, allowing us to quickly create and complete a practical, industry-specific and tailor-made document. Here are some important things to consider before offering a partnership to a new partner: A partnership agreement signed with GP is crucial. Make sure yours covers everything it needs and learn more about the dangers if you don`t have one in our guide. If the premises you work from are leased, ask yourself if the new partner is supposed to become a designated party to the same thing, and if so, how will this be achieved under the terms of your lease? Whether it`s covering the possibility of a 24-hour retreat or documenting replacement arrangements, you can rest assured that we understand your needs and provide you with the support and guidance to guide you through this sometimes delicate process. It is crucial that the new partner knows the premises of the practice. There are several things they want to know. A partnership agreement is a formal legal document that defines the partnership and relationship between partners and covers issues such as (this list is not exhaustive): When it comes to more general changes in general practice, you should ask yourself if your practice covers the following: It is important to rethink your practice spaces.

The risk that they will not do so can be mitigated by giving them full employment and educational background for them, as well as support for personal and professional titles. Existing partners who take responsibility for historical liabilities are a great way to attract new partners. This could include historical disparities in rental apartments or rent share liabilities. Unless a proposed new partner has already worked with you, you can never be completely sure that they will fit into your practice, both professionally and personally. This guide discusses the considerations to consider when appointing a new partner for the first time, including due diligence, required documents, and references. Every partnership should have a partnership agreement (sometimes called a partnership act) because without a valid and up-to-date partnership agreement, the partnership runs the risk of significant effort, inconvenience and stress if the partnership relationship breaks down. We will also discuss the due diligence you should do before making an offer. The introduction of a period during which the required contribution is paid and/or the indication that such a contribution may come from unused profits is a good way to mitigate the obligation to introduce capital. We examine the importance for new partners to have the opportunity to review core activities and financial documentation, as well as the process of obtaining recommendations for the new partner. .

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Best Treatment for Contracture Scars

Steroid injections. Steroids are injected directly into scar tissue to reduce the itching, redness, and burning that these scars can create. Sometimes injections help reduce the size of the scar and soften the scar tissue. Atrophy and discoloration of the skin are the main side effects. After the complete release of a post-burn contracture, the restored defect should be covered with skin grafts or a flap of skin. Most often, the raw areas that occur after the release of contractures after the burn are covered with skin grafts. Flap lids are used in special situations. Z plastics, multiple Z plastics, and local flap reconstruction are often required to adequately release scar contracture.6 The medial canthus strap, mouth commissure, and neck are particularly well suited for reconstructing one or more Z-plastics. It is important to use pressure and ROM exercises to prevent the development of contractures after revision. By definition, scar contracture is the result of a contractile healing process that occurs in a scar that has already been reepithelialized and sufficiently healed (Fig. 2C).6 Scar contractures usually appear as a firm, rigid scar that contributes to both aesthetic and functional problems.

It is imperative that the reconstructive surgeon distinguishes between these three forms, as they require different treatment modalities. Donor sites: Split skin grafts are usually harvested from the thighs. However, in a severely burned patient with extensive scars, grafts may need to be removed from the legs, upper limbs and abdomen, scalp or back. During a neck contracture after the burn, scars can extend from the chin, neck to chest and even on the abdomen. Here, only the scars of the neck are cut. The use of a CO2 laser versus cold steel for keloid excision has not been shown to reduce the rate of recurrence when used as a single treatment method.49s0 Leaving a tissue edge after excision has been shown to result in decreased recurrence and may offer some benefits. Engraving et al. reported improved outcomes in intramarginal excision compared to extramarginal excision.51 As mentioned earlier, surgical excision alone is likely to cause recurrence, which is why intralesional corticosteroids are recommended after excision. These injections are continued every 4 to 6 weeks for 6 months. Patients are followed every 3 months for at least 2 years.

Cryosurgery. Cryosurgery can help reduce the size of scars by freezing the upper layers of the skin. Freezing causes blisters to form on the skin. Radiation. This can be used for scars that do not respond to other treatments. Mortality and morbidity from burns have declined dramatically over the past six to seven decades. However, these do not really reflect whether the victim could return to society as a useful person and live a normal life, because after burns, scars, contractures and other deformities that together have aesthetic and functional considerations are inevitable . . .

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Basic Truck Lease Agreement

Common mistakes you should avoid in the truck lease The contract you create for a food truck should highlight the licenses available on your side and the licenses to be purchased by the other party. Not all models cover insurance options and liabilities in detail! However, this lease model does! This commercial truck rental model makes this possible by creating a detailed vehicle rental agreement for contractors. All you have to do is change the name of your organization if necessary, just like in a Texas filing waiver form. As a vehicle owner, you should be aware of their state`s laws regarding vehicle rental before setting prices and rental periods. If you want to convert into a rental facility later, you should look at the feasibility and fees. NEVER USE the same agreement! If the traditional contract format seems outdated and harsh, you can use this template in the form of a commercial truck lease. There are several sections that require contact information from both parties. Tennessee Department of Revenue Sales Tax Exemption Application for Motor Vehicles and Interstate Commercial Trailers Dealer/Seller Dealer Address Sales Tax Registration Number Invoice Number Date of Sale or Lease Name of Buyer`s Address, if long. Since this is a detailed printable commercial truck lease, the first few sections will ask you to enter information that belongs to both parties and the contract itself. However, it is advisable to go through all the content before both parties sign at the end of the document because, unlike a checklist for vehicle inspection reports, it is a legally binding document.

When renting a truck, there are common mistakes made by vehicle owners in the past that you should be aware of. Here is the key document of this process – a truck rental agreement. The purpose of this legally binding contract is to describe the conditions to be met by both parties in order to eliminate misunderstandings at a later date. The following is an example of a vehicle rental agreement form between the vehicle owner and the owner of a food vehicle business. Food truck companies are creating a new wave in the restaurant industry. As a truck owner, you are entitled to high-quality rental amounts. However, the problem with this company is that the truck has to get a permit if it has to be parked in the same place. If you want to explore rental options, you can`t use the traditional car lease. The terms of a lease are completely different, as are the legal definitions.

If you enter into an agreement with individuals or private companies, you should consider certain person-based specifications, such as insurance. Imagine you have a working truck that is quite idle for a while and you have rental options, how do you facilitate the process? This may be an interesting opportunity as it will bring you a decent income if the process is done correctly. Why do we focus on the process? Often, people are confused between a general car lease and a truck lease. Commercial Vehicle/Equipment Rental Please print and fax to: 281-842-9345 States Corporate Systems, Inc. („Lessor“), located at 1426 rd #5, Lahore, Texas 77571, Rental at, („Renter“), located at, , , all vehicles and/or. Overview of commercial leases in general A lease is an agreement between the landlord and the tenant that sets out the conditions under which a property is rented. The landlord may be a landowner or remain in a market under a longer lease. Before you create the vehicle rental form, be sure to review the laws and insurance policies listed in this rental template so you can save more when renting your truck. This is a lease agreement between 1st American Leasing, (the r r“), whose address is indicated on the right, and the tenant indicated below. Non-cancellable equipment rental account# Name of tenant (name and address) Name (if business, full list.

A truck rental agreement is a contract that describes in detail the information provided by the lessor and the lessee, as well as the period during which the conditions must be met. An agreement cannot be applied to all orders. You may need to adjust the agreement based on your government policies. Any business owner who has started renting trucks with the appropriate documentation has experienced convenience and reasonable performance. When you enter into a contract with the other party when renting your truck, you need to know several aspects of the agreement. Although several models of vehicle rental agreements are mentioned below, it is always good to look at an example first. Car rental is a lucrative activity because it is used not only for the transport of materials, but also for the creation of businesses. New trends in the food industry have created the need for a mobile food vehicle.

As a vehicle owner, you can expect significant returns from this type of vehicle rental agreement. Although it is not detailed, it is worth using this vehicle rental model to start the deal. This is another rental agreement form that allows you to get complete information about the conditions in the truck rental agreement. Download the rental form, enter the lease details, attach your company logo, and then bring it to your lawyer for a consultation. Food trucks, mini-house trucks and travel trucks are becoming more and more popular. If you`ve used a fleet of inactive trucks or less, it`s high time you explored the rental option and found the right tenant for your truck. For a hassle-free process, you may need to use some of the vehicle rental models listed in the article to protect your vehicle and brand from overall losses. Michigan Department of Transportation 4 (07/15) Disadvantaged Company (be) Trucking Lease Page 1 of 2 Instructions: Fill out both sides of this form. Copies of the concluded rental agreement must be made and: (1) by the. Unit # p-341-t (11/12) michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs michigan public service commission motor carrier division p.o. box 30221, lansing, mi 48909 msc# intrastate (point to point in michigan) general vehicle rental agreement.

. . .

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Awin User Agreement

2.3 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the information that the user receives from zanox and/or customers in the context of his participation in the zanox marketplace must be used exclusively within the framework of this contractual relationship. All rights to the texts, images and other content are the property of zanox or.dem owner of the respective rights. The participation of customers in the zanox marketplace takes place through persons who are personally registered as users on the zanox marketplace („users“) and who are authorized by the customers. This registration as a user on the zanox marketplace is carried out on the basis of these GTC for users. 3.2 The prerequisite for registration is the complete and truthful provision of the data required for registration. The user must choose and determine a freely selectable username under which he wishes to act in the zanox market („username“). „Group Company“ means any holding company or subsidiary of any part or one of its holding companies. A company is a „subsidiary“ of another company, its „holding company“, if that other company (i) holds a majority of the voting rights in that company or (ii) is a member of that company and has the right to appoint or dismiss a majority of its board of directors, (iii) or is a member of that company and alone controls the majority of the voting rights in that company, under an agreement with other members; We just want to write good code. This is our mantra here at Decision Tech and we believe that the way we work – at a fast pace, efficiently and without the drudgery of excessive processes – means we can focus on it. Our team takes risks and is brave, and we all work on the basis that our next idea could be the idea that changes everything. `change of control` means a change in the beneficial ownership of more than 50 % of the issued share capital of a company or a change in the majority of persons having the legal authority to determine or induce the management of a company; 3 Registration as a user on the zanox marketplace and user account 14.4 These GTC for users and the contractual relationship between zanox and the user are subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

6.4 The data and information that can be consulted on the zanox market are zanox trade secrets. The data and information made available to the user under this contract may only be used for contractually agreed purposes. 13.1 The user is obliged to treat as confidential all information of the company or company and the knowledge of the other contracting party that is made available under this contract and that has been marked as confidential or that is recognizable in other circumstances as commercial or commercial secrets, even after the termination of the contract and for a period of two years thereafter. In case of doubt, all information should be treated confidentially. Notwithstanding the foregoing, reciprocal mention in press releases and reference lists by either party is permitted, unless the other party objects to such disclosure in text form. 4.4 Customers may authorize more than one user for a Marketplace unit. The customer may limit users` permission to certain activities and uses within a market unit. A User may be authorized by any number and type of Customer (Advertisers and/or Publishers) or for any number of Marketplace Units of one or more Customers („Multi-Account“). „Sub-Publisher“ means the operator of a website, application or service that has agreed with the Sub-Network to market advertisers or their products; 11.2 Both parties reserve the right to terminate the contract without notice for good cause. An important reason applies as follows: 4.2 The consent of the user by a customer requires the prior invitation of the customer; it takes effect as soon as the user has consented to the authorization.

12.2 If the user objects to the validity of the new (modified) GTC for users, the request for modification of zanox will be considered rejected. In this case, the Agreement will continue under the previous conditions. Zanox`s right to terminate the contract remains unaffected. This possibility of termination will also be mentioned separately. . . .

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At&t Terms of Service Agreement

If you use a credit card to pay for Services, your use of the Card is subject to the Card Issuer`s Agreement, and you should refer to this Agreement to learn about your rights and obligations as a cardholder. If we do not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due upon request. IMPORTANT: These Terms of Use will not be effective until January 14, 2019. The current terms of use can be found under AT&T reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to strictly enforce these Terms, including, but not limited to, warnings, suspension or termination of access to the Sites and/or Services and/or by removing, revising or modifying content or through self-help and active investigation, litigation and prosecution in a court or other appropriate place. If you have not yet fulfilled an obligation to maintain the Service or programming for a specified period of time and you terminate an AT&T Service or we terminate it for misconduct, you will be subject to an applicable early cancellation fee in accordance with subsection 1.9.6. AT&T has chosen to offer wireless emergency alerts, including advanced geo-targeting (if selected by the sender of the alert and supported by the handset), in certain parts of its service area as defined in this Agreement, on devices compatible with wireless emergency alarms. AT&T does not warrant that AT&T`s telephone service is appropriate or appropriate for monitored intrusion or fire alarms or medical surveillance systems or devices. Use of these systems is at your own risk. Not only can AT&T`s phone service be interrupted, delayed, or unsecured, but it may also be incompatible with those systems or devices and may not work in the event of a power or network outage and may not work for other reasons.

You agree to notify AT&T if you purchase a monitored intrusion or fire alarm system prior to installation of such system, as installation may require a rewrite of AT&T`s telephone services at your expense. AT&T does not provide support or rewiring of at&T telephone service to support medical monitoring systems or devices. Once AT&T phone service has been installed for use with a monitored burglar or fire alarm system, you agree not to change the interior wiring of your home, move or reconfigure your shared apartment in any way, or connect phone devices to the back of your shared apartment without contacting AT&T and your alarm service provider. If you take any of these measures, it may result in a failure of your AT&T phone service or alarm system. You agree to waive any claim against AT&T relating to the malfunction or malfunction of any burglary or supervised fire alarm, medical monitoring device, or other similar systems or devices. AT&T maintains the AT&T Copyright Alert Program (AT&T CAP), which allows copyright owners to notify AT&T of alleged violations of AT&T`s temporary digital network communications services pursuant to 17 U.S..C. § 512(a). For more information on the AT&T CAP, see If you are an AT&T FastAccess Business DSL or AT&T High Speed Internet Business Edition customer, you are also subject to the terms and conditions of the service guides for these services, which are contained herein by reference and can be found at the following address: Certain parts of the Site may require you to download software („Software“) in order to access the Site; the services provided through the Website and/or the Content. The Software may be the property of AT&T or an AT&T supplier, seller or licensor. The Content and Software are protected by various laws that govern the use of copyrights, trademarks, patents or trade secrets. Subject to the rules and restrictions set forth in the Terms, you have a limited, non-sublicensable right to access the Sites, Content and Software solely for your personal, non-commercial use, unless otherwise permitted.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no software or information or underlying technology may be downloaded or otherwise exported or re-exported (a) to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, or any other country embargoed by the United States for such exports, or (b) to any person or entity on the U.S. Treasury Department`s lists (for example.B.B. Specially Designated Nationals, Denied persons or entities) or the U.S. Department of Commerce (for example, list of entities. B, table of refused orders), which control these exports. By downloading or using the Software or the underlying information or technologies, you agree to the foregoing and represent and warrant that you are not located, controlled, or a national or resident of such country or on such list. These Terms and Conditions, including a Customer Service Summary („CSS“) or order summary with information about monthly rates, installation checklist, AT&T Acceptable Use Policy available at, AT&T Privacy Policy available on, AT&T Digital Life Insurance Service Policies available at, and all AT&T privacy policies available on, the other documents expressly mentioned herein constitute the entire agreement between you and AT&T (the „Agreement“) and supersede all prior agreements with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. You understand that the Acceptable Use, Privacy, and Service Policies may change from time to time, and you agree that at&T`s Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Digital Life Service Policies may be revised periodically by posting a new version of the Policy on the above websites. When you order our video solution, you will receive indoor and/or outdoor cameras that will be part of the equipment.

You need to have a broadband service for your video solution to work. The video solution allows you to connect to the device at any time and view the premises via video over the Internet, even if you are not physically present on the premises. Some cameras may offer the ability to record sound or voice as well as images. You can control your equipment and enable and disable all audio and video recording features, set alerts, and send videos or photos from the devices on the premises via the Internet to another device, such as. B a cordless telephone. You also have up to 250 MB of available storage space for videos and images. You agree to store your equipment in visible, unobstructed locations and not to use the equipment to record sound or images or to view images in locations where there might otherwise be an expectation of privacy. You will not display, capture, store, or make accessible the sound or image in a way that violates another person`s privacy. You are responsible for images and videos transmitted to third parties from the devices provided with your video solution.

You are responsible for backing up and restoring images and videos. We are not responsible for the loss of images or videos or the backup or restoration of images or videos. AT&T does not guarantee the quality of service for videos or images sent over the Internet, whether via a mobile device or a PC. Image quality can be affected by available bandwidth and network speeds that AT&T cannot control. Unless expressly and expressly stated otherwise on the Site, AT&T makes this Site available to individuals in the United States. Certain AT&T subsidiaries or affiliates provide only certain regulated telecommunications services and other services in certain areas of the United States. AT&T makes no representation that any products, services and/or materials described on the Site are appropriate or available for use outside the United States or in any territories of the United States. Those who access our website from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws. Some AT&T affiliates provide services and operate websites in various other countries around the world, some of which may be linked from our website. These international websites are subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies and not to these terms. Wireless emergency alerts, including extended geographic orientation (if selected by the alert sender and supported by the handset), may not be available on all devices or throughout the service area, or if a subscriber is outside the AT&T service area. In areas where emergency alerts are sent, these alerts may not be received even if a device is able to receive them.

For more details on the availability of this service and devices compatible with wireless emergency alarms, including the availability and benefits of advanced geo-targeting (if selected by the alert sender and supported by the handset), please contact a sales representative or visit This notice is required by FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. § 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). Equipment provided by AT&T can be new or refurbished. Any equipment or software not provided to you by AT&T, including batteries, is not the responsibility of AT&T, and AT&T will not provide support or maintenance for such equipment. Based on your service address, your AT&T telephone service includes one of the following device configurations: These Terms of Service and Terms of Use (the „Terms“) govern your use of the AT&T Wi-Fi Services („Service“) that are provided to you through local carriers under contracts with AT&T or delivered directly to you by AT&T. .

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Artist Commission Contract

Here`s my basic commission contract, it includes all the things I think I need, and I can customize it for any client. With my recent increase in digital work, I have also noted the need for a contract for copyright reasons. Digital work can be more easily stolen or blackmailed and used for mass production and profit than traditional art. In this Art Commission Agreement, the parties agree on the basic terms. Standard contractual clauses are also included, such as. B the choice of applicable law and place of jurisdiction. Payment terms and agreement specifying the payment installation agreement. For commissioned works, artists typically receive fifty percent of the pre-agreed price and fifty percent when the order is complete. Have you had any good or bad experiences with commissioning artwork? What points have you included in your commission contracts to protect yourself as an artist? Copyright: The artist retains all copyright in the work produced. Ultimately, this means that the client has permission to publicly share the work and use it for private use, but any reproduction of the work, especially reproductions used for profit or commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited unless the artist has given written permission.

Failure to do so is a criminal offence and may result in prosecution. When offering works for sale to the public, the customer undertakes to grant recognition to the artist by means of a clear and visible marking, marking or oral recognition. If you share multiple times in the same place, an initial balance for the remaining views will suffice. (For example, if the client posts the work multiple times on Facebook, it is initially only necessary to mark the artist once).) However, the remaining tags are estimated! The invitation to commission art often feels like the ultimate compliment, after all, it`s someone who loves your work so much that they want something done especially for them. It appears to be a guaranteed sale. Happy days. However, if you are not careful, your dream job can become a nightmare for the artist and the curator. Here are some tips to help you make it an enjoyable experience with a positive outcome. These agreements are simple documents between a client and an artist.

The customer is the party who orders the work of art; in other words, they are the party that hires the artist. The artist is, of course, the party that creates art. It should list the aspects of the work that you have agreed in advance, such as size, colors, materials, etc. This could be accurate, for example: „The artist (you) agrees to finish an 80 x 60 cm oil painting on canvas for him (the client) of his garden in early summer and in a mainly green and blue color palette.“ If something is agreed verbally, it should also be done in writing. Usually, art commission contracts occur because the client has seen the artist`s work and wanted to do something of the artist`s own. Sometimes the client already knows the artist in advance. Sometimes they see the artist in an exhibition or gallery. Make sure you have your contracts on hand for reference. Save contract templates and previous contracts in the My Documents section of the illustration archive to protect your business.

{If you`re here for an example of a commission agreement and don`t feel like reading all my ideas, it`s about halfway down the page so you can copy and paste} Commission contracts allow the Commissioner to exercise some control over a project and contribute to a project. Honestly, for the most part, it was acceptable not to use contracts. It may sound crazy, but it`s true. Ninety percent of my paid work experience has never included a problem that a contract could have avoided. As a rule, it is enough to write the customer a paragraph with general information about my services (which is technically considered a written agreement). In these ten percent of the estimated cases, however, the absence of a contract has led to: The artist intends to complete this work by (date)*: Copyright: The artist reserves copyright in all works commissioned by the collector created by the artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to enforce legal copyright. No work may be reproduced by the collector without the prior written permission of the artist. The following text is what I decided for MY contractual contracts, which consists of contributions from various sources as well as my own experiences as an acrylic/oil/digital portraitist.

I`ve received great contributions from great people, so I feel pretty confident. If you are a potential customer, please note that this is the deal I need. Terms of payment: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the sale price of the artworks plus travel expenses must be paid at the time of signing the contract. The remaining amount in full is due to the delivery of the works of art. If you`re hired to create a public art project, something for a company or organization, you`ll likely get a commission contract to review and sign. A timeline, including the times scheduled for ongoing art audits, ensures that you and your curator are on the same page. Depending on the amount of the commission, there may be several times for registration. While the person or party paying to create you is familiar with your work, they have a vision in mind of how it will happen.

Make sure all parties are comfortable with the commission process. It is quite reasonable for you, the artist, to collect 25% to 50% of the total cost of the artwork in advance before you start working. This serves to protect your investment in hardware and time. You must indicate the total cost of the work, the down payment required to start the commission and the due date of the final payment. Final payment may be due upon delivery of the work, or it may be due to the final approval of the customer. Be careful here, because if you state that the final payment is due after approval of the work by the client, you can process the work again and again until the client is satisfied. Art Sharing: Sharing artwork on social media and other public activities is essential for the artist`s marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, works of art that may appear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the website, studio, brochures, web and print advertisements, and the artist`s business materials.

The client agrees that the completed work as well as the reference photos will be used for these purposes. An art commission agreement is the document by which a customer commissions an artist to create a specific work of art for them. It can be a painting, film, sculpture or other work of art requested by the client. On this day, the artist (insert the name of the artist/company) undertakes to produce works of art commissioned for (first and last name of the customer) at the price of (insert monetary value). An introduction that explains the project, defines the artist and the client, and describes the specific works that are commissioned by artists and clients from all over the world use commission contracts. Examples of examples for creating a commission contract can be found here. Regardless of your artistic limitations for the commissioned work, you should always create a written contract or contractual agreement that defines your own terms. I`ve listed a few common examples below. A written contract signed by both parties means that if you are commissioned for a private artwork, you will likely have to present your own contract. Then, schedule your check-in with reminders based on your schedule so you don`t miss any important appointments with your commissioner.

This document should not be used to establish a lasting relationship between the parties, para. B example if someone wants to hire an artist to work for them in the long term and exclusively. There, either an employment contract or an independent contractor contract or perhaps a graphic design contract or a freelancer contract can be used, depending on the amount of work required. Commission contracts can help you design projects and plan your implementation process over time. A contract includes registration points to ensure that your art and the curator`s vision continue to coincide. If you are another artist, you are welcome to use the text here for your own contract by adding it and cutting it if necessary. I`ve done my best to remove any formatting so that it`s easy and easy to copy, paste, and fill in your information, but note that formatting in a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement helps tremendously with fluidity and readability. Below the text is only information, but the following link shows how I adapted it to the aesthetic and my brand. You need to plan a completion date for the work and make sure you take enough time for revisions and, if necessary, drying.

Many artists also set a point of view and encounter when the work is partially finished, although it is important to keep in mind that many people do not understand that a half-finished work does not look like a finished work. strange, but true. The more explicitly and in detail you talk about your commission contract design needs, the smoother the manufacturing process will be. Be sure to communicate your material needs and inquire about the expectations and costs of shipping, framing, and other non-artist costs. Working on the details now prevents you from finding yourself in unclear or costly future situations. Right of refusal: If the collector does not want to acquire the commissioned work of art, he can refuse. .

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Are Refugees Protected by International Law

Although the consequences of the Second World War triggered a refugee crisis, the large influx and resettlement of Indochinese refugees led to the passage of the 1980 Refugee Act. This act incorporated the definitions of the International Refugee Convention into U.S. law. [25] It codified in U.S. law that a refugee is a person with a „well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.“ [26] In addition, the ratification of this Convention has eliminated previous „ideological and geographical discrimination“ against refugees and asylum seekers. [27] This discrimination was a consequence of the old U.S. Refugee Act, which had primarily served as a tool for foreign policy programs. The law also created the legal basis for the admission of refugees to the United States. The Refugee Act of 1980 was the first time the United States created an objective decision-making process for asylum and refugee status. This included a common system between Congress and the presidency in which the two branches would work together to set annual quotas and determine which national groups would receive priority consideration for refugee status. In doing so, the United States turned away from a relatively reactionary system in which refugee laws were passed only in response to political changes within the international community, particularly the spread of communism. Instead, with the Refugee Act of 1980, the United States created a comprehensive framework for the preventive management of refugee crises.

This framework was built on the emerging ideals of „humanitarianism“. [28] An important aspect of this legislation is how a person proceeds when applying for status. A person may meet the definition of „refugee“ but cannot be granted refugee status. If the person is in the United States. with a different status or without status, they receive the status of asylum seeker, but not of refugee. Today`s modern law dates back nearly 100 years, to the legal and institutional initiatives of the League of Nations, first in the appointment of a High Commissioner for Refugees in 1921, and then the following year by agreement on the issuance of certificates of identity to „any person of Russian origin who does not or no longer enjoys the protection of the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and who does not enjoy any other nationality. has acquired“. After World War II, the refugee issue became highly politicized (Goodwin-Gill 2008), and the first institutional response of the United Nations to the problem – the International Refugee Organization (IRO), a specialized agency – was rejected by the Soviet Union and its allies, remaining funded by only 18 of the 54 governments that were then members of the United Nations. Regardless of the policies of the time, tens of thousands of refugees and displaced persons were resettled under the auspices of the IRO through state selection programmes, individual migration and work placements (Holborn, 1975; Loescher and Scanlan, 1986). Given the broader objective of a solution (assimilation or integration), the Convention concept of refugee status is therefore a starting point for the consideration of the appropriate standard of treatment of refugees in the territory of States parties. Exactly on (S.

41) the Convention betrays its essentially European origins; Here, in the articles on social and economic rights, most of the reservations can be found, especially among developing countries. Otherwise, however, the Convention proposes as a minimum standard that refugees receive at least the treatment generally accorded to non-citizens. In some contexts, „most-favoured-nation treatment“ is required (Article 15, Article 17(1)), in other cases, „national treatment“, i.e. treatment that is not different from that of citizens (Articles 4, 14, 16, 20, 22(1), 23, Article 24(1) and (29)). The principle of non-refoulement states that asylum seekers cannot be returned to a country where there are reasonable grounds to believe that they are being persecuted. This principle is based on the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees) and its 1967 Protocol. The Protocol extends the protection of the Convention to all refugees, regardless of the place or date of their expulsion, and most importantly, it obliges its 146 States parties (including the United States) to comply with the Convention, whether or not they are separately Parties to the Convention. .

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