At&t Terms of Service Agreement

If you use a credit card to pay for Services, your use of the Card is subject to the Card Issuer`s Agreement, and you should refer to this Agreement to learn about your rights and obligations as a cardholder. If we do not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due upon request. IMPORTANT: These Terms of Use will not be effective until January 14, 2019. The current terms of use can be found under AT&T reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to strictly enforce these Terms, including, but not limited to, warnings, suspension or termination of access to the Sites and/or Services and/or by removing, revising or modifying content or through self-help and active investigation, litigation and prosecution in a court or other appropriate place. If you have not yet fulfilled an obligation to maintain the Service or programming for a specified period of time and you terminate an AT&T Service or we terminate it for misconduct, you will be subject to an applicable early cancellation fee in accordance with subsection 1.9.6. AT&T has chosen to offer wireless emergency alerts, including advanced geo-targeting (if selected by the sender of the alert and supported by the handset), in certain parts of its service area as defined in this Agreement, on devices compatible with wireless emergency alarms. AT&T does not warrant that AT&T`s telephone service is appropriate or appropriate for monitored intrusion or fire alarms or medical surveillance systems or devices. Use of these systems is at your own risk. Not only can AT&T`s phone service be interrupted, delayed, or unsecured, but it may also be incompatible with those systems or devices and may not work in the event of a power or network outage and may not work for other reasons.

You agree to notify AT&T if you purchase a monitored intrusion or fire alarm system prior to installation of such system, as installation may require a rewrite of AT&T`s telephone services at your expense. AT&T does not provide support or rewiring of at&T telephone service to support medical monitoring systems or devices. Once AT&T phone service has been installed for use with a monitored burglar or fire alarm system, you agree not to change the interior wiring of your home, move or reconfigure your shared apartment in any way, or connect phone devices to the back of your shared apartment without contacting AT&T and your alarm service provider. If you take any of these measures, it may result in a failure of your AT&T phone service or alarm system. You agree to waive any claim against AT&T relating to the malfunction or malfunction of any burglary or supervised fire alarm, medical monitoring device, or other similar systems or devices. AT&T maintains the AT&T Copyright Alert Program (AT&T CAP), which allows copyright owners to notify AT&T of alleged violations of AT&T`s temporary digital network communications services pursuant to 17 U.S..C. § 512(a). For more information on the AT&T CAP, see If you are an AT&T FastAccess Business DSL or AT&T High Speed Internet Business Edition customer, you are also subject to the terms and conditions of the service guides for these services, which are contained herein by reference and can be found at the following address: Certain parts of the Site may require you to download software („Software“) in order to access the Site; the services provided through the Website and/or the Content. The Software may be the property of AT&T or an AT&T supplier, seller or licensor. The Content and Software are protected by various laws that govern the use of copyrights, trademarks, patents or trade secrets. Subject to the rules and restrictions set forth in the Terms, you have a limited, non-sublicensable right to access the Sites, Content and Software solely for your personal, non-commercial use, unless otherwise permitted.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no software or information or underlying technology may be downloaded or otherwise exported or re-exported (a) to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, or any other country embargoed by the United States for such exports, or (b) to any person or entity on the U.S. Treasury Department`s lists (for example.B.B. Specially Designated Nationals, Denied persons or entities) or the U.S. Department of Commerce (for example, list of entities. B, table of refused orders), which control these exports. By downloading or using the Software or the underlying information or technologies, you agree to the foregoing and represent and warrant that you are not located, controlled, or a national or resident of such country or on such list. These Terms and Conditions, including a Customer Service Summary („CSS“) or order summary with information about monthly rates, installation checklist, AT&T Acceptable Use Policy available at, AT&T Privacy Policy available on, AT&T Digital Life Insurance Service Policies available at, and all AT&T privacy policies available on, the other documents expressly mentioned herein constitute the entire agreement between you and AT&T (the „Agreement“) and supersede all prior agreements with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. You understand that the Acceptable Use, Privacy, and Service Policies may change from time to time, and you agree that at&T`s Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Digital Life Service Policies may be revised periodically by posting a new version of the Policy on the above websites. When you order our video solution, you will receive indoor and/or outdoor cameras that will be part of the equipment.

You need to have a broadband service for your video solution to work. The video solution allows you to connect to the device at any time and view the premises via video over the Internet, even if you are not physically present on the premises. Some cameras may offer the ability to record sound or voice as well as images. You can control your equipment and enable and disable all audio and video recording features, set alerts, and send videos or photos from the devices on the premises via the Internet to another device, such as. B a cordless telephone. You also have up to 250 MB of available storage space for videos and images. You agree to store your equipment in visible, unobstructed locations and not to use the equipment to record sound or images or to view images in locations where there might otherwise be an expectation of privacy. You will not display, capture, store, or make accessible the sound or image in a way that violates another person`s privacy. You are responsible for images and videos transmitted to third parties from the devices provided with your video solution.

You are responsible for backing up and restoring images and videos. We are not responsible for the loss of images or videos or the backup or restoration of images or videos. AT&T does not guarantee the quality of service for videos or images sent over the Internet, whether via a mobile device or a PC. Image quality can be affected by available bandwidth and network speeds that AT&T cannot control. Unless expressly and expressly stated otherwise on the Site, AT&T makes this Site available to individuals in the United States. Certain AT&T subsidiaries or affiliates provide only certain regulated telecommunications services and other services in certain areas of the United States. AT&T makes no representation that any products, services and/or materials described on the Site are appropriate or available for use outside the United States or in any territories of the United States. Those who access our website from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws. Some AT&T affiliates provide services and operate websites in various other countries around the world, some of which may be linked from our website. These international websites are subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies and not to these terms. Wireless emergency alerts, including extended geographic orientation (if selected by the alert sender and supported by the handset), may not be available on all devices or throughout the service area, or if a subscriber is outside the AT&T service area. In areas where emergency alerts are sent, these alerts may not be received even if a device is able to receive them.

For more details on the availability of this service and devices compatible with wireless emergency alarms, including the availability and benefits of advanced geo-targeting (if selected by the alert sender and supported by the handset), please contact a sales representative or visit This notice is required by FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. § 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). Equipment provided by AT&T can be new or refurbished. Any equipment or software not provided to you by AT&T, including batteries, is not the responsibility of AT&T, and AT&T will not provide support or maintenance for such equipment. Based on your service address, your AT&T telephone service includes one of the following device configurations: These Terms of Service and Terms of Use (the „Terms“) govern your use of the AT&T Wi-Fi Services („Service“) that are provided to you through local carriers under contracts with AT&T or delivered directly to you by AT&T. .

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