Awin User Agreement

2.3 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the information that the user receives from zanox and/or customers in the context of his participation in the zanox marketplace must be used exclusively within the framework of this contractual relationship. All rights to the texts, images and other content are the property of zanox or.dem owner of the respective rights. The participation of customers in the zanox marketplace takes place through persons who are personally registered as users on the zanox marketplace („users“) and who are authorized by the customers. This registration as a user on the zanox marketplace is carried out on the basis of these GTC for users. 3.2 The prerequisite for registration is the complete and truthful provision of the data required for registration. The user must choose and determine a freely selectable username under which he wishes to act in the zanox market („username“). „Group Company“ means any holding company or subsidiary of any part or one of its holding companies. A company is a „subsidiary“ of another company, its „holding company“, if that other company (i) holds a majority of the voting rights in that company or (ii) is a member of that company and has the right to appoint or dismiss a majority of its board of directors, (iii) or is a member of that company and alone controls the majority of the voting rights in that company, under an agreement with other members; We just want to write good code. This is our mantra here at Decision Tech and we believe that the way we work – at a fast pace, efficiently and without the drudgery of excessive processes – means we can focus on it. Our team takes risks and is brave, and we all work on the basis that our next idea could be the idea that changes everything. `change of control` means a change in the beneficial ownership of more than 50 % of the issued share capital of a company or a change in the majority of persons having the legal authority to determine or induce the management of a company; 3 Registration as a user on the zanox marketplace and user account 14.4 These GTC for users and the contractual relationship between zanox and the user are subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

6.4 The data and information that can be consulted on the zanox market are zanox trade secrets. The data and information made available to the user under this contract may only be used for contractually agreed purposes. 13.1 The user is obliged to treat as confidential all information of the company or company and the knowledge of the other contracting party that is made available under this contract and that has been marked as confidential or that is recognizable in other circumstances as commercial or commercial secrets, even after the termination of the contract and for a period of two years thereafter. In case of doubt, all information should be treated confidentially. Notwithstanding the foregoing, reciprocal mention in press releases and reference lists by either party is permitted, unless the other party objects to such disclosure in text form. 4.4 Customers may authorize more than one user for a Marketplace unit. The customer may limit users` permission to certain activities and uses within a market unit. A User may be authorized by any number and type of Customer (Advertisers and/or Publishers) or for any number of Marketplace Units of one or more Customers („Multi-Account“). „Sub-Publisher“ means the operator of a website, application or service that has agreed with the Sub-Network to market advertisers or their products; 11.2 Both parties reserve the right to terminate the contract without notice for good cause. An important reason applies as follows: 4.2 The consent of the user by a customer requires the prior invitation of the customer; it takes effect as soon as the user has consented to the authorization.

12.2 If the user objects to the validity of the new (modified) GTC for users, the request for modification of zanox will be considered rejected. In this case, the Agreement will continue under the previous conditions. Zanox`s right to terminate the contract remains unaffected. This possibility of termination will also be mentioned separately. . . .

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