Interagency Agreement Part a

(4) Any agreement or acquisition to which a law permits an exception. (1) agreements on supplies and services obtained from or through mandatory sources, as described in Part 8 of the FAR; (c) Where an interinstitutional agreement is concluded, agencies are invited to consider establishing procedures to resolve problems that may arise from the agreement. Inter-Institutional Agreement means the legal instrument used for an inter-agency acquisition to exchange funds or property between two DOL organizations or between a DOL agency and another federal agency. This tool is used when the DOL organization meets the definition of the requesting agency or service agency. The terms `interinstitutional agreement` and `interinstitutional government procurement` do not include: military interdepartmental procurement (RMMI) application means a type of interinstitutional agreement used to place orders for non-personal supplies and services with a military service. (b) Subject to agency tax regulations and applicable inter-agency agreements, the requesting agency will reimburse the service agency for services provided in accordance with the Economics Act (31 U.S.C.1535). (a) Agencies shall avoid duplication of audits, examinations, inspections and audits of contractors or subcontractors by more than one Agency through the use of inter-agency agreements; (2) contracts with the Small Business Administration under Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act or a small business HUBZone under the Historically Underutilized Commercial Areas Act of 1997 (HUBZone); The applicant organization designates the federal authority that requires the supplies or services and requires the funds to provide the cost of the service. . Parent Topic: Part 42 – Contract Management and Audit Services Inter-institutional procurement refers to a procedure whereby a DOL organization receives the required supplies or services from another LOL agency or federal agency and is required to provide appropriate funding. . .


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