Investigator Regulatory Agreement

Hello Maria, I say it meets this definition: a regulatory statement of the auditor (required by some health authorities). Honestly, Eldin Investigator is responsible for protecting the rights, safety and well-being of subjects. An investigator must conduct the investigation in accordance with the agreement signed with the sponsor, protocol, IDE regulations, and other applicable FDA regulations, as well as any approval requirements imposed by a IRB and the FDA. (§812.100) Proponents are responsible for selecting qualified investigators and providing them with the information they need to properly conduct the investigation. You must also ensure adequate oversight of the investigation and IRB review and approval, submit an FDI application to the FDA for studies on high-risk products, and promptly inform the IRB and FDA of any important new information about the investigation. Ensure compliance: A sponsor who determines that an investigator is not complying with the agreement, protocol, signed IDE requirements, any other applicable FDA regulations, or conditions of approval imposed by the IRB or FDA reviewing must immediately ensure compliance or cease deliveries of the product to the investigator and terminate the investigator`s participation in the investigation. A proponent must also require the investigator to dispose of or return the equipment, unless such action would compromise the rights, safety or well-being of a subject. An investigator may only authorise the use of the investigational device by persons under his supervision and must not disclose a product under investigation to persons who are not entitled to receive it under the FDI Regulation. „Example of a statement of commitment by an individual researcher to institutional policies for the protection of human subjects and IRB oversight (institutions may use this or develop their own agreement) The Controller is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the EDI (§ 812.46). The Controller shall ensure that the examiners comply with the signed agreement, protocol, IDE requirements, any other applicable FDA regulations, or any approval requirements imposed by the IRB or FDA conducting the review. Inform the principal investigator of their obligations and obtain the investigator`s obligation to comply with relevant FDA regulations. A sponsor may only ship test equipment to qualified investigators who are involved in the investigation.

For the investigator`s regulatory agreement, the „purpose/description“ reads as follows: „A regulatory investigator statement required by certain health authorities includes, but is not limited to, the qualified investigator`s business form and clinical trial site information required by Health Canada. A sponsor is responsible for selecting researchers qualified by their training and experience to examine the device. An auditor is responsible for obtaining informed consent in accordance with Part 50 of 21 CFR. The clinical investigator must disclose sufficient accurate financial information to the sponsor for the IDE applicant (or sponsor) to submit a certificate or disclosure of financial interests in accordance with 21 CFR 54. The investigator should update the information if relevant changes occur during the study and one year after the end of the study. A sponsor must obtain a signed agreement from each participating investigator that includes: The sponsor must provide the following reports to the FDA, IRB and/or investigators in a timely manner. At the end or end of a clinical trial or the investigating part of the trial, or at the request of the sponsor, the investigator shall return to the sponsor any remaining delivery of the device or dispose of the device in accordance with the sponsor`s instructions. In accordance with § 812.7, a sponsor, investigator or person acting for or on behalf of a sponsor or investigator may not: Pending approval of an FDI application, an investigator may determine whether or not potential subjects would be interested in participating in a survey, but may not seek written informed consent or allow subjects to participate, before receiving approval from the IRB and FDA. (§812.110) Clinical investigators must prepare the following required reports: A sponsor must provide all investigators involved in the investigation with copies of the protocol and a report on previous investigations of the device. The labelling of a device under investigation must not contain false or misleading information or give the impression that the device is safe or effective for the purposes of the investigation. Meet the requirements of § 812.46 regarding surveillance investigations. Must be signed/dated by the principal investigator prior to the start of the study and updated as necessary throughout the duration of the study.

Goal:. Form FDA 1572 – known as the Investigator`s Statement – defines the obligations and obligations of the Principal Investigator (PI). 2) Persons associated with companies, consulting firms or non-profit entities or other external entities conducting research on behalf of the laboratory must first be described in a protocol subject to the HARP system. The external body can then request a national compliance assurance, which LBNL assigns as the reference IRB on the Office for the Protection of Human Research website. Once the FWA is assigned, the protocol`s lead auditor and/or a company representative must complete a draft IRB authorization agreement using the template (below). The completed draft IRB authorization agreement and the contract or declaration of employment negotiated between LBNL and the company are then submitted to for transmission to the head of the establishment. Is a legally binding contract between the FDA and PI. The sponsor must provide detailed information on product labelling in the protocol. This information may vary depending on the device and the type of study.

The labelling of the product must be sufficient to ensure the stability of the test object throughout the duration of the test (storage requirements, calibration procedures), contain sufficient instructions for correct administration and describe in detail the procedures in case of injury to the patient. At the discretion of the Human Subjects Committee, the Society may be invited to appoint a single person to act as protocol staff, but will individually ensure that each person in its department working on the research has been adequately trained. The company keeps a separate record of the training of its employees and makes it available to the LBNL Human Subjects Committee upon request. LBNL`s internal training on the use of human subjects (see training page) can be used to meet this requirement. For more information, see the following guides: Where do we submit investigator statements, which are actually alternatives to FDA 1572 for clinical trial sites outside the United States? Should it go to 05.02.09 Investigator Regulatory Agreement or 05.02.08 Form FDA 1572? Unexpected adverse reactions to the product: The sponsor should immediately conduct an assessment of any unexpected adverse reactions to the product. A sponsor who determines that an unexpected adverse reaction to the product poses an unreasonable risk to subjects must discontinue all or part of the studies that pose that risk as soon as possible. Termination must be made no later than 5 business days after such determination by the Sponsor and no later than 15 business days after receipt of the Sponsor`s first effective notice. Provide the sponsor with information on the qualifications of the NP and clinical site that will allow the sponsor to establish and document the site in an appropriate location to conduct the clinical trial.

For more information about record retention requirements, see Records. Specify the research covered by this Agreement: _____.

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